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Best things to do in Saranda

The city of Butrint

A visit to the ancient city of Butrint is one of most affordable tour destinations in Albania. You will enjoy an experience which merge together ancient history, picturesque landscapes,gorgeous monuments, unique cultures, and antique treasures.Located 18km south of Saranda, Butrint was officially recognized a UNESCO world heritage site. Most interesting things to see in Butrint are: the Greek amphitheater, the baptistery, the cathedral, the lion’s gate and the museum (with a lot of interesting artifacts).

Ksamil Island

Ksamil is a small village located 18 km south of Saranda, very famous for its natural amazing beauty. One of the best things to do in Ksamil is to enjoy Paradise beaches in its Islands, with white sand and crystal clear water. With a pleasant climate, stunning sea view, full of plants and birds, your trip will be just unforgettable. There are nearby restaurants where you can taste fresh and good foods.

40 Saints Monastery

Located 4km East of Saranda city, this place is close related with the name of Saranda (Saranda means “40” in Greek). This is a unique historical place, the only monument of its kind semi-preserved in Albania and the Balkans. The “40 Saints Monastery” was built in the 6th Century in dedication to the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, which were a group of soldiers who were kills near Sebaste, Armenia for refusing to renounce their Christian religion. It has a size approximately 40m x 25m and contains 40 rooms – one for each of the Martyrs.

Saint Nicholas Monastery

Saint Nicholas Monastery is a cultural monument of Albania, build in 12-13th century. Located in Mesopotam, on a small hill between two branches of the Bistrica River this monastery is a large and unique church. It includes pre-Christianlarge white blocks at the base of the church and mythical animals’ sculptures. The wall of this complex include ruins, older than the church itself which is posited at the center of the complex. 

Lukovë Village and Beach

Located 18 km from Saranda, Lukova is a beautiful seaside village with traditional architecture, small cobblestone alleys, astonishing beaches, aquamarine water and spectacular sunsets. The turquoise water beautifully combined with the green nature make Lukova one of the most amazing places in Albania. The hillsides of Lukove are full of olive and citrus trees. Some things to see in Lukove: Coast of Lukova, “Shen e Premte” Church, Traditional houses and footpaths. 

Day trip to Gjirokastër

Also known as "City of Stone," Gjirokastra is officially recognized a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city has a unique traditional architecture with cobbled streets and traditional style houses built 300 hundred years ago. The trip to Gjirokastra may include visits to: Old bazaar, the castle of Gjirokastra which is believed is the largest in Balkans, the Weapons museum, The Ethnographic Museum, several 18th-century mosques and churches and the museum houses with unique architecture.