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By Plane: Tirana's "Mother Teresa" International Airport is located few minutes away from Tirana, which is the capital of Albania. You can choose to fly with several airlines, listed in airport official website.



By Road: You can enter Albania by bus from:

Istanbul, Turkey to Tirana (20 hr)

Athens, Greece to Tirana (12 hr)

Sofia, Bulgaria to Tirana (22 hr)

Tetovo, Rep. of Macedonia to Tirana (7 hr)

Prishtina, Kosovo to Tirana (5 hr)



By Boat: You can reach Albania by boat from:

Corfu to Saranda

Bari to Durrës

Ancona to Durrës

Brindisi to Vlorë



Get in Saranda

Saranda can be reached by sea or by land.


By Sea: Saranda can be reached directly from Corfu by boat/ferry.

By Road:

Via the road that runs along the Albanian coast (SH8).

Via the road leading north from Konispol (a town close to the Southern border with Greece).

Via the road leading west from Kakavia (Kakavia is a border town between southern Albania and northwestern Greece).